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In certain, the level to which China’s traceability system can aid new overseas schemes for documenting the legal provenance of fish raw constituents was investigated. This evaluation required an exam of the required documentation for fish imports into China; an explanation of how traceability of fish in the Chinese processing trade is maintained among import and re export; and the documentation and techniques relevant when material is re exported from China to its vacation spot market. Four specific catch documentation schemes were then assessed to examine what necessities they placed on China’s investors and regulators and to what extent these necessities were currently being met. The importation into China of fish raw cloth for processing requires a Certificate of Origin and a Health Certificate, neither of which currently meets most catch documentation programme goals. Despite its name, the Certificate of Origin mainly serves to doc the nation of origin for the functions of assigning tariffs and regularly adds no tips about the exact place and cases of fish catch. Health Certificates are primarily concerned with sanitary issues and do not always include suggestions on the precise area of catch, vessel identification numbers, and no matter if the fish are whole or primary processed, i.