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blue betta (siamese fighting fish)

blue betta siamese fighting fish
Information about animalswill siamese fighting fish eat cherry shrimpSpecies identity was proven for all F0 fish by sequencing the ITL1 and COI genes following data not shown. Wild types have been captured in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, and were got from a local and certified store. An preliminary mix sex group of approximately 60 americans was used to start a founding population in the lab. Ten pairs of F1 ladies and men from various families different F0 fogeys were mated to originate the F2 fish, with an about identical number of fish per family utilized in the experiments. Fighter fish were obtained from a reliable and certified commercial retailer from Bangkok, Thailand. To start the fighter line, 12 sibling males from one breeder and 12 sibling females from an alternate breeder were used F0 fish, replicating a mating scheme commonly used by local breeders where sibling males of a winner are mated with sibling ladies from an alternate winner.