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fish biology peer reviewed articles
About AnimalsFeng Shui Feng Shui Secrets That Will Change Your Life.There are four or five pairs of gills situated in the mouth cavity. In teleosts, they are coated on the external by a bony plate called the operculum. By pursuits of the floor of the mouth and operculum, the fish creates, a existing of water which passes over its gills. Water is taken in through the mouth and expelled during the operculum in relation to teleosts, and out through separate gill slits in elasmobranchs. The gills are, in effect, finely branched, thin walled blood vessels which, due to their assorted branches, expose an enormous floor to the water and so facilitate absorption of oxygen and loss of carbon dioxide. D G Mackean is the author of GCSE Biology, IGCSE Biology, and many other Biology text books.