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Fish Oil Facts: Everything You Need to Know

fish oil facts everything you need to know
Body shape and the arrangement of the fins is very variable, protecting such possible un fishlike forms as seahorses, pufferfish, anglerfish, and gulpers. Similarly, the floor of the surface may be naked as in moray eels, or covered with scales of a considerable number of of alternative types customarily defined as placoid regular of sharks and rays, cosmoid fossil lungfish and coelacanths, ganoid a whole lot of fossil fish but in addition living gars and bichirs, cycloid, and ctenoid these last two are found on most bony fish. There are even fish that live mostly on land or lay their eggs on land near water. Mudskippers feed and have interaction with one another on mudflats and go underwater to conceal in their burrows. A single, undescribed species of Phreatobius, has been called a true “land fish” as this worm like catfish strictly lives among waterlogged leaf litter. Many species live in underground lakes, underground rivers or aquifers and are popularly called cavefish.