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fish oil summary of scientific research examine com
About AnimalsfishcomGESIT Tilapia Development Genetically Supermale Indonesia Tilapia began in 2007. This fish is the result of genetic advantage, cooperation between the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Bogor Agricultural University and the Center for Freshwater Aquaculture Development of Sukabumi. GESIT Tilapia is the result of improved generation to supply genetically male tilapia offspring via breeding that combines feminization thoughts and progeny checking out of male tilapia that have YY chromosomes. If this fish spawning with female fish that experience XX chromosomes, it’ll produce offspring that are all male XY. With a compressed rounded body shape and gorgeous colors of green, red, brown and blue, There are 4 ‘real’ discus variations, with their own Latin name. The rest of the colour variations are captive bred and the list of those color variations is nearly limitless.