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Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization FISH and Its Applications

fluorescence in situ hybridization fish and its applications
from frozen fish 0303 to fillets 0304 as merchandise of China. The first of the foreign schemes for documenting legal fish provenance considered by this study was the MSC eco label. Although the scope of MSC certification goes well beyond simple legality, documenting that the merchandise derive from an MSC licensed fishery should in theory also doc that the fish were legally caught. The MSC chain of custody usual imposes a number of traceability requirements that are akin to those required by CIQ; those MSC necessities that are stricter than CIQ rules should pose no problems for Chinese processors already compliant with these laws. Conversely, some MSC chain of custody certificates held by Chinese processors were withdrawn in recent months for reasons which appear to imply there is complications with everyday implementation of basic, CIQ mandated traceability necessities. In this sense, persevered strengthening of oversight by CIQ should convey greater traceability in general, as well as better compliance with MSC chain of custody criteria.