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How Many Eggs Do Hens Lay Per Day

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The natives were now left to the mercy of their conquerors, who regarded them as heathens, but saw no harm in using native labor for agriculture, mining, and development of public initiatives. Over time, the native inhabitants everywhere colonized America would face an enormous decline; by the 17th century, that of Mexico alone would have lowered by about 90%. One of the biggest threats faced by the natives, along side the firearms that settlers brought with them, were illnesses like cowpox and measles, towards which that that they had no defense. Such epidemics ravaged the native populations; the settlers were secure by medicines they’d introduced with them. However, an trade cause of this drastic decline was the terrible situations that the natives were forced to toil in, subsequently of the encomienda system of the Spaniards. Here is more concerning the significance of the encomienda system.