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lake texoma striper fishing techniques with live bait articlecity com
The Summit included land based aquaculture producers, representatives from large foreign salmon farming companies, engineers from the design industry and representatives of groups aspiring to build closed containment methods to farm food size salmon. As a collective group, the Summit attendees are pioneering the technologies essential to augment finfish aquaculture creation in a fashion that’s more environmentally sustainable and economically viable. A major result was that emerging aquaculture applied sciences were highlighted for attending senior level decision makers in executive, industry, the monetary neighborhood and philanthropy. Across the diverse individuals, this catalytic assembly introduced in combination a group of stakeholders and created a focused conversation space critical for increasing the adoption of land based closed containment systems using water recirculating aquaculture system RAS technologies. A presentation by Bendik Fyhn Terjesen of Nofima, Norway opened this consultation with the new findings about the consequences of water salinity and activity on post smolt Atlantic salmon in land based closed containment methods. Fish functionality indicators can be considerably greater when Atlantic salmon smolt are cultured to 1 kg at salinities of 12 ppt when compared to full energy seawater.