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Top California Bass Fishing Clubs

top california bass fishing clubs
In 1999 a complementary database, called LarvalBase, went online under the supervision of Bernd Ueberschär. It covers ichthyoplankton and the juvenile stage of fishes, with detailed data on fish eggs and larvae, fish identity, as well as data applicable to the rearing of young fish in aquaculture. Given FishBase’s success, there was a requirement for a database overlaying types of aquatic life other than finfish. This resulted, in 2006, in the birth of SeaLifeBase. The future goal of SeaLifeBase is to broaden a data system modelled on FishBase, but including all forms of aquatic life, both marine and freshwater, aside from the finfish which FishBase specialises in. Altogether, there are about 300,000 known species during this class.